Corporate and Commercial Disputes

Legal skills and experience necessary to ensure that your rights are protected

We have decades of litigation experience through one of our predecessor firms, Mori Sogo. We are often called upon to handle the most important corporate and commercial disputes that have the potential to materially impact the parties involved. Our litigation expertise extends to all manner of disputes involving corporate governance issues, including shareholder derivative lawsuits, securities litigation, appraisal rights, cases challenging the validity of director and shareholder resolutions, and injunctions to prevent various corporate activities.

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Corporate and Commercial Disputes:Publications

Magazine Article
"Shareholder activism in Japan"
Magazine Article
"Recent Trends in Shareholder Activism - Focusing on Settlement Agreements with Activists"
Book Other
"Consideration of Legal Proceedings of Multiple Derivative Actions From a Practical Perspective"
"The Shareholder Rights And Activism Review Fourth Edition, Chapter 6 JAPAN"
Magazine Article
"Major Laws Passed at the 198th Ordinary Session of the Diet and their Effect on Business Practice"

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