Shareholder Relations

Assistance with all matters relating to shareholder relations, from proxy battles to investor relations

We have a strong record of achievement in providing assistance with issues relating to the shareholders meetings of the largest listed companies as well as those of start-up companies. Our experiences include handling meetings involving proxy fights for control of companies. We also have expertise in assisting companies in the area of investor relations and with their communications with shareholders and investors in general.

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Shareholder Relations:Publications

"The Shareholder Rights And Activism Review Third Edition, Chapter 5 JAPAN"
Magazine Article
"(Special Feature) Evolution of Activist Shareholders: How to Deal with Activists - Measures for Holding Shareholders Meetings with Activists in Mind"
Magazine Article
"Q&A: Corporate Legal Affairs - How to Deal with Activist Shareholders"
Magazine Article
"Practical Issues Regarding Management of Group Companies (1): Establishing and Managing, and Monitoring and Supervising, Group Internal Control Systems"
Magazine Other
"Trends in Shareholders' Meetings Held in June 2017 (Corporate Measures in Response to the Counselor and Advisor System and Other Matters)"

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