Crisis Management

Extensive legal services for corporate crises

Companies face a wide range of crisis situations that threaten their businesses and reputation, particularly allegations of wrongdoing and unlawful practices and behavior. Crisis situations stem from many sources, including accounting fraud, insider trading, cartels and bid-rigging, divulgence of personal information and corporate secrets, violation of financial and environmental regulations, relationships with anti-social forces, labelling issues and other accidents related to products and foods, pharmaceutical fraud, corporate crimes such as bribery and aggravated breach of trust, and death from overwork. In many cases, the crisis may even be caused by the acts of unknown and unrelated persons, as in the case of data hacking and theft.

In this age of pervasive social media and increasing market and societal concerns over different issues, clients need an effective, swift, and well-thought-out crisis management strategy which requires:

  • independent outside parties;
  • specialists with experience in areas involving complex laws and regulations;
  • a well-coordinated local and international strategy;
  • thorough fact investigation; and
  • public relations management.

Our lawyers provide integrated crisis management support to minimize damage and maintain or recover public trust. Our services include advising on the critical initial response, giving guidance in internal investigations, conducting independent investigations, representing clients in criminal investigations, dealing with supervisory authorities, advising on public announcements, and pursuing responsible officers and employees. We also work closely with clients on crafting and implementing measures to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of crisis situations. We draw from our decades of litigation experience to assist clients in dealing with shareholders, investors, consumers, regulators, and other parties to avert or defend against litigation.

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Publication of draft amendment to money laundering regulations

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Top rankings received from Best Lawyers in the Ninth edition of "The Best Lawyers in Japan"
Top Ranking Received From The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2018
Top rankings received from Best Lawyers in the Eighth edition of "The Best Lawyers in Japan"
Top rankings received from Best Lawyers in the seventh edition of "The Best Lawyers in Japan"
Top rankings received in The Nikkei's "Corporate Legal Affairs and Lawyer Survey 2015"

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Sep. 29, 2017MHM Seminars
CMHM Seminar “Key Features of and Latest Updates to the Anti-Competition Law”
Mar. 10, 2015External Seminars
"The 2nd Japanese Regulatory Summit Panel 3: AML /CTF, KYC & Global Compliance"

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Book Article
"Legal Practice for Handling Corporate Crises and Wrongdoing Cases [2nd ed.]"
Magazine Article
"Practical Formats for Crisis Management Cases Part 7: Investigation Reports (Part 1)"
Magazine Article
"The U.S. Cooperation Process in White Collar Investigations"
Magazine Other
"Q&A: Japanese Plea Bargaining System's Impact on Corporations"
Magazine Article
"Key Points for Handling of Information Based on Trends Observed in Recent Information Leakage Cases"

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