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Doing our very best in every case to achieve success for our clients

The factors for a successful civil litigation are the same for any case: the best legal arguments and strategies specific for the case, gathering all available evidence to establish the facts, persuasive arguments, and, most importantly, diligent hard work.

We combine the wisdom and experience of our seasoned litigation lawyers with the enthusiasm and additional insights of our younger lawyers to provide the best advocacy for our clients. Given our size, we have the resources needed to manage and resolve disputes effectively. Those resources include consulting specialists, talented paralegals, and other support staff, as well as an extensive library and access to large databases.

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Top rankings received in The Nikkei's "Corporate Legal Affairs and Lawyer Survey 2017"

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Magazine Article
"Information Technology's Influence on the Future of Civil Trials"
Magazine Article
"Guidelines for the Home-Sharing Business Act of Japan"
"Q&A Regarding Actual Practices in Claim Management and Collection Under the New Law of Obligations"
Magazine Transcript
"Recent Crisis Management Practices in Cases of Corporate Fraud and Scandals, and Utilization of Data Analysis Techniques in Investigations"
"The Securities Litigation Review, Edition 3 - Japan"

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