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Combining years of experience with up-to-date research to advise clients in the changing area of employment disputes

We have a long history handling litigation and other forms of dispute resolution. Our Labor Law Practice Group, together with our litigation specialists, provides advice to prevent and resolve disputes and litigation relating to labor matters. Our capabilities in this area were further enhanced in 2014 when Kouichi Nanba, a former judge who served 5 years as the chief judge of the Special Labor Division at the Tokyo District Court, joined our firm as Special Counsel.

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Public Service
Firm's lawyers submit a report for the "2016 Industrial Economy Research Project (Research on Employment Practices and Wage Structures in European Countries)" commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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Magazine Article
"Sapporo University Case (Change of Internal Regulations on Salary Payment)"
Book Article
"Business Legal Affairs in Vietnam"
Magazine Article
"TEPCO Power Grid Case (Possibility of Return to Work After Expiration of Temporary Leave Period)"
Magazine Article
"Case of Incorporated Medical Institution E (Overtime Work of Obstetrician)"
"Case Regarding Osaka Branch Office Manager of the Fund for Local Government Employees' Accident Compensation (City Junior High School Teacher) (Requirements for Receiving Survivor Compensation Pension, Etc. with Regard to Husband of Teacher Who Committed Suicide)"

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