Product Liability/Consumer Product Safety

Offering comprehensive support to manufacturers regarding product liability disputes, accident prevention, and post-accident risk management

As the public demands an extremely high standard of product safety, manufacturers must consider product safety and product liability at all stages of a product’s life. Product defects and accidents often require the manufacturer to shift to crisis management as it deals with victims, regulators, prosecutors, and the public.

The comprehensive experience of our lawyers enables us to guide our clients through a range of product liability issues and cases, including major accidents, product recalls, and government investigations. We also provide critical and practical advice on risk management and prevention, regulatory compliance, and safety requirements.

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Mar. 19, 2019External Seminars
"Drone Business and Regulations"

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"Regulations on Autonomous Cars and MaaS Businesses"
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"Legal Issues concerning IoT Advanced Technology — Part 2: MaaS and Japan's Legal System"

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