White Collar Crime

Comprehensive protection against white collar crime, which is one of the greatest threats to your business.

What We Do

Our corporate criminal law practice offers a comprehensive range of services:

・ representing the claimants in criminal litigation;
・ representing the defendant in criminal litigation, including representing the company and its officers, directors, and employees;
・ advising corporate clients in instituting compliance measures and internal controls aimed at preventing potential criminal wrongdoing;
・ conducting internal investigations, including serving as a member of the corporate investigation committee;
・ assisting clients in responding to regulatory investigation procedures;
・ preparing crisis management protocols, including handling communications with regulatory authorities and assisting with public relations activities; and
・ preparing prevention measures.

Major Cases

We have represented defendants in a number of high-profile corporate criminal cases that have been brought under a variety of criminal statutes including:

  • Companies Act violations regarding aggravated breach of trust and provision of benefits
  • Financial Instruments and Exchange Act violations regarding falsification of annual securities reports and insider trading
  • Penal Code violations regarding corruption, fraud, breach of trust and embezzlement

  • Tax law violations

  • Antitrust law violations, regarding bid rigging and collusion

  • Road Transport Vehicle Act violations

  • Waste Management Act violations

  • Food Sanitation Act violations

  • Cases involving falsification of testing data

  • Unfair Competition Prevention Act violations

Related Legal Services

Our general dispute resolution practice enables us to assist clients in ancillary litigation and regulatory proceedings that often arise in connection with criminal wrongdoing in a corporate or commercial context, such as civil cases including shareholder lawsuits and shareholder derivative actions, citizen suits, lawsuits brought by business partners, and administrative proceedings.

Our capabilities in this practice area were bolstered when a former prosecutor general and a former superintending prosecutor at a high prosecutor’s office joined our firm in 2008 and 2014, respectively.

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White Collar Crime:News

Comments by Hiroshi Yamauchi, attorney-at-law, were featured in an MLex article titled "Corporate Japan may gain more from stronger whistleblower protections than resisting change" published on September 27, 2018
Comments by Hiroshi Yamauchi, attorney-at-law, were featured in an MLex article titled "Japan's first plea-bargain case reveals a sharp new tool to ensure corporate compliance" published on July 31, 2018

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White Collar Crime:Seminars

Jun. 5, 2019External Seminars
Daini Tokyo Bar Association: Basic General Training, "Overview of Japanese Plea Bargaining and Practical Issues for Lawyer" (only for members)
Apr. 1, 2019External Seminars
The 3887th Finance Facsimile News Seminar "Concrete Measures to Prevent and Detect Frauds / Wrongdoings by Employees"

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White Collar Crime:Publications

Book Article
"Practical Formats for Crisis Management Cases"
Magazine Article
"Dealing with Cases of Fraud and Scandals, and Attorney-Client Privilege"
"Implications for Emergency Response Arising from the "Practical Guidelines for Corporate Governance Systems (Tentative Name)""
"Preventive Measures to Take During Ordinary Operations: Learning from the Recent Spate of Quality Falsification and Data Falsification Cases"
Magazine Article
"Japanese Plea Bargaining System and Practical Corporate Responses: Based on the First Case Reported in July 2018"

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