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The airline and shipping industries have a long history of pioneering innovative methods to generate financial resources for business, such as asset-based finance and securitization. These industries continue to grow with the economic development of emerging countries as reflected in, for example, the prevalence of low-cost carriers, which encourage existing industry participants to strengthen existing businesses and new competitors to enter the market.

We advise a wide range of clients, including leasing companies, trading companies, financial institutions, investors, airlines, and shipping companies. We offer legal services for a variety of transactions and legal issues, including advising on acquisitions, Japanese operating leases (JOLs), pure operating leases and finance leases, compliance with investor protection laws and financial regulations, the handling of tax and other matters for investors, dispute resolution, and bankruptcy. Our resources include lawyers from our firm’s other Practice Groups, particularly Tax, Litigation, and Business Restructuring, and our close working relationships with law firms located around the world.

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