EU Practice

We are advising our clients in their corporate activities, investments, and legal matters with respect to the laws of the EU and its member states

We cooperate with law firms in the EU with whom we have worked with for many years to provide advice for our clients in a broad range of matters, including M&A, financing, transactions involving European corporations, structuring of investment trusts, and compliance relating to competition law, import and export laws, and other regulations.

With respect to corporate transactions, we have experience advising corporations entering markets, acquiring companies, and operating their businesses in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, and other countries in Europe. With respect to corporate finance transactions, we advise clients investing in European real estate funds and Japanese financial institutions participating in project finance in Europe. In the field of asset management, we advise clients on securities law including reporting and disclosure obligations for public or private offerings in Japan for investment trusts established in countries such as Luxembourg or Ireland. In the field of competition law, we advise clients on issues involving the laws of the EU and each member state in the EU. We cooperate with lawyers at the leading law firms in each of the member states to provide effective and appropriate advice for each of our clients depending on the client’s needs and circumstances.

We build and maintain a strong network with the leading law firms throughout the EU by holding joint seminars with other law firms and instituting secondment programs with other law firms to exchange lawyers. Our deal flow and activities with other law firms facilitate our knowledge of the latest legal developments in each country, which enable us to provide effective and relevant legal advice for our clients in all sorts of transactions and matters.

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Public Service
Firm's lawyers and licensed tax accounts submit a report for "Research on Countermeasures Against Inheritance Tax Avoidance in Foreign Countries" commissioned by the Ministry of Finance

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EU Practice:Seminars

Jul. 27, 2019External Seminars
『Recent Developments in EU’s FTA on Origin Certification and the Japan-EU FTA』
Feb. 27, 2019External Seminars
"Global trends in data privacy including GDPR, and how they affect Japanese companies"
Feb. 21, 2019External Seminars
"Dujat & AKD Brexit Seminar"
Dec. 5, 2018External Seminars
”How to Prepare for e-Privacy Regulation Compliance – Possible New Regulation which will introduce a GDPR-type fining mechanism”
Dec. 4, 2018External Seminars
”How to React to French CNIL’s GDPR Dawn Raid Seminar”

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EU Practice:Publications

Magazine Article
"Outlook for Due Diligence on Global Data Protection Based on the Latest GDPR Enforcement Cases (Part 1) - Incorporating Lessons Learned from Enforcement Cases in M&A"
Magazine Article
"GDPR Compliance by Japanese Corporations: Observations One Year After Commencement of Application"
Magazine Article
"Impact of the GDPR on Japanese Companies"
Magazine Article
"EU Data Compliance for Practitioners (GDPR and e-Privacy Regulations) "
Magazine Article
"EU-Japan Mutual Adequacy Decision for Safe Transfer of Personal Data"

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