Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property

We have experienced lawyers who have expertise in the constantly evolving and increasingly complex areas of information technology, life sciences, and intellectual property. We provide a variety of legal services in response to the diverse legal needs of our clients in these fields. These legal services include advising on regulatory requirements, setting up business, corporate housekeeping, contract negotiations, and dispute resolution.

Strong, flexible support to help growing information technology businesses

Experience in the fast changing arena of life sciences, including pharmaceuticals and medical sciences

A wide range of legal services in the fields of technology, entertainment, and media, including cross-border transactions and disputes

Expertise in leveraging user information while protecting your business

A wide range of legal services in the information technology and entertainment field, including with respect to cross-border transactions and disputes

Advising clients facing complex problems with our broad experience handling disputes relating to information technology systems development

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Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property:Newsletters

Japanese Virtual Currency Regulations take effect in April 2017
Amendments of the Civil Aeronautics Act to Introduce the New Rules Restricting UAVs
The Supreme Court ruled that the technical scope and subject matter of a product-by-process claim invention will cover the same products, even if the products are made by a different process from the claimed process

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Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property:News

Firm ranks highly in Managing Intellectual Property's "IP Stars Handbook 2018"
Firm receives awards at ALB Japan Law Awards 2018
Firm receives high evaluation in ALB IP Rankings 2018
19 lawyers were selected as leading lawyers in asialaw PROFILES' "Asia law Leading Lawyers 2018"
Top rankings received from Best Lawyers in the Ninth edition of "The Best Lawyers in Japan"

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Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property:Seminars

Jun. 29, 2018External Seminars
"Mock International Arbitration -Toward Early Dispute Resolution of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)in the 5G Era-"
Apr. 29, 2018 - May 1, 2018External Seminars
"LESI 2018 Annual Conference -The Impact of Intellectual Property Rights on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond in Asia-"
Apr. 16, 2018External Seminars
"AIPLA-LES Japan Joint Meeting - Data Protection in the IoT Age-Proposed Amendment of Unfair Competition Law for Data Protection"
Oct. 11, 2017External Seminars
"IBA Annual Conference 2017~Branding strategies and use of image licensing/sponsorship in the sports and entertainment industries~"
Oct. 10, 2017External Seminars
"It's time: IP Litigation Reform"

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Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property:Publications

Magazine Article
"(Special Feature: Ordinary Diet Sessions in 2018) Impact of Amended Acts: Copyright Act - "Provisions on Flexible Limitations on Rights""
Magazine Article
"Amendment to the Copyright Act and Unfair Competition Prevention Act"
Magazine Article
"Practical Tips for GDPR Compliance (Privacy Notices, Data Processing Agreements, and Data Security)"
Magazine Article
"How the Basic Act on Cybersecurity will Change Based on Further Development of IoT"
Magazine Article
"Standard Essential Patents and International Arbitration"

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