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Experience in the fast changing arena of life sciences, including pharmaceuticals and medical sciences

The life sciences are a fast-changing arena. Aging populations and the increasing pace of globalization mark the life sciences as an important growth area attracting local and global interests. This field is also rapidly developing due to open innovation and the steady entry of new players including those from other industries. Innovations and novel ideas in the health and well-being sectors present new difficulties that require not only the clients’ knowledge in pharmaceuticals and medical sciences, but a comprehensive legal strategy as well.

We can provide full services for our clients with lawyers who are knowledgeable in several fields in the life sciences, including pharmaceuticals and medical sciences. We advise both large and small pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, biotech start-ups, and other industry participants. Our expertise in the life sciences covers regulatory requirements on the licensing, manufacture, import, sale, and distribution of drugs, medical devices and equipment; contract negotiations; intellectual property disputes; and matters involving M&A, finance, corporate law, and consumer relations.


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Feb. 19, 2020External Seminars
"Data protection regulations in the pharmaceutical industries ~Japan, Thailand and USA~"
Jan. 29, 2020MHM Seminars
"Digital Health and Law"
Jan. 27, 2020MHM Seminars
"Digital Health and Law"
Jan. 21, 2020MHM Seminars
"Digital Health and Law"
Dec. 19, 2019MHM Seminars
"Digital Health and Law"

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Magazine Article
"Trademark Protection Towards the Upcoming Tokyo Olympics: Legal Framework to Regulate Ambush Marketing"
"Future Report on Digital Finance 2020"
Magazine Article
"Development and Expansion of HealthTech and Corporate Legal Affairs"
Book Article
"Q&A: Digital Health and Law"
"Getting the Deal Through - Healthcare Enforcement & Litigation 2020 - Japan Chapter"

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