Regulatory/Regulated Transactions

Supporting clients in their compliance with complex regulatory regimes

Seasoned advice in the area of financial regulation and communications with regulatory authorities

World-class solutions for life and non-life global insurance businesses

Leading-edge legal support for the increasingly complex and globalized field of payment transactions

High-value assets require well-regarded lawyers with extensive transaction experience

Tourism and business relevant to inbound are quite active in recent Japan because of government-wide policies and 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. At the same time, more and more clients need legal advice for specific matters in accordance with the introduction of new laws and regulations such as Private Accommodation Business Act and Travel Agency Law.

Legal services tailored for the medical field, including pharmaceuticals and equipment manufacturers, bio-ventures, and medical institutions

A full service firm with practice areas crucial for matters relating to consumer law, including general corporate, dispute avoidance and resolution, and regulatory compliance

We provide one-stop services based on the latest knowledge in the automotive, aviation and maritime areas, where technological innovation is advancing.

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MOF Released Draft Rules and Regulations to Implement New Japanese FDI Regulations
Bill on Amendment to Japanese FDI Regulations
Pre-transaction Notification Requirements under the Japanese FDI Regulations Expanded, and Further Expansion Anticipated

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Regulatory/Regulated Transactions:News

Top Ranking Received From Chambers FinTech 2020
Interview of Yohsuke Higashi and Shintaro Okawa were featured in a M&A Online article about “Revisions to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act and Strengthened Foreign Investment Regulations” published on December 20, 2019
Top rankings received from Best Lawyers in the 10th edition of "The Best Lawyers in Japan"
Top rankings received from "Who's Who Legal: Banking 2019"
Top Ranking Received From Chambers FinTech 2019

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Regulatory/Regulated Transactions:Seminars

Feb. 11, 2020External Seminars
"Investing in Japan’s Hospitality Business – What you need to know"
Oct. 29, 2019MHM Seminars
"Recent Trends Concerning the Prior Notification and Screening System under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act - Revisions in May and September, Upcoming Revisions, and Recent Trends in the Prior Notification and Screening System"
Jun. 12, 2019External Seminars
"Recent developments in financial administration and challenges for internal audits"
Dec. 20, 2018External Seminars
"The new era of supervisory approaches and challenges for financial institutions"
Nov. 8, 2018External Seminars
"JFSA’s new supervisory approaches and challenges for financial institutions"

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Regulatory/Regulated Transactions:Publications

Book Article
"Q&A: Legal Affairs in Specific Types of Business - Manufacturing"
"The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Insurance & Reinsurance 2020 - Japan Chapter"
Magazine Article
"Practical Changes and New Issues for Fintech due to Law Revisions (Part 6; Final) - Funds Transfer Services and Payment Collection Services, and Regulations on Exchange Transactions and Prohibition of Receipt of Deposits"
Magazine Article
"Global Compliance of the Financial Institution"
Book Article
"Provision-by-Provision Explanation: Revisions to the Payment Services Act, Etc. (2019)"

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