Magazine Article
"Observations on the Reorganization of the Financial Services Agency"


Related Practice Areas Financial Regulation
Language Japanese
Publication Monthly Kinyu Journal
Date of Publication January 2018
Link The Financial Journal Co., Ltd.

Financial Regulation:Publications

Magazine Article
"Fair Disclosure Guidelines: Interpretation and Practice"
"Provision-by-Provision Explanation: 2017 Revisions to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (First Edition)"
"Explanation: What is InsurTech? Summary and Legal Issues"
Magazine Transcript
"Merger Controls for M&As in the Financial Sector"
Magazine Article
"Compliance with the Fair Disclosure Rules in Practice"

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Shuya Nomura:Publications

Magazine Article
"Bill to Revise the Commercial Code (Transportation and Maritime Commerce): Views on Currently Proposed Revisions"
Magazine Article
Magazine Article
"Decision of the First Petty Bench of the Supreme Court (July 9, 2009) on Internal Control Systems"
"Provision-by-Provision Explanation of New Basic Laws - Companies Act Vol. 2"
Book Article
"The Rule Book of Financial Transactions for Compliance (16th ed.)"

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