Magazine Article
"Observations on the Reorganization of the Financial Services Agency"


Related Practice Areas Financial Regulation
Language Japanese
Publication Monthly Kinyu Journal
Date of Publication January 2018
Link The Financial Journal Co., Ltd.

Financial Regulation:Publications

Magazine Article
”Practical Handling Required in Preparation for the Introduction of the Fair Disclosure Rules”
Magazine Article
"Keeping Watch on Various Regulations Regarding Rapid Purchasing and Insider Trading: Legal Issues Related to Third Party Allotment of Stock Acquisition Rights Involving Stock Lending"
Magazine Article
"The FSA’s 2017-2018 Strategic Directions and Priorities"
"The Financial Instruments and Exchange Law: Regulations for Takeover Bids and Substantial Shareholding Reporting"
Magazine Article
"Conditions on Entry into Japan for Overseas FinTech Players from a Regulatory Perspective: Influence of RegTech and Legal Limitations"

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Shuya Nomura:Publications

Magazine Article
"Decision of the First Petty Bench of the Supreme Court (July 9, 2009) on Internal Control Systems"
"Provision-by-Provision Explanation of New Basic Laws - Companies Act Vol. 2"
Book Article
"The Rule Book of Financial Transactions for Compliance (16th ed.)"
Magazine Panel Discussion
"Restoring the "Earning Power" of Japanese Companies Through Three Key Elements: the Revised Companies Act, the Corporate Governance Code, and the Stewardship Code"
Magazine Panel Discussion
"Focusing on Revision of Consumer Contract Act: (Round-Table Talk) Revision of Consumer Contract Act and Effects on Financial Practices"

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