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"Q&A: Corporate Legal Affairs - Handling Requests to Convert to an Indefinite-Term Labor Contract from a Fixed-Term Labor Contract"


Related Practice Areas Labor Law
Language Japanese
Publication Accounting
Vol. 70 No.6
Date of Publication June 2018
Link Chuokeizai-sha, Inc.

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"Lawyer's Selection: Important Court Decisions on Labor - Vol. 203: Case of Company Y (Reasonableness of Selective Requirement for "Continued (Keisho) Employee System" Where Employees are Re-employed After Mandatory Retirement)"
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"Key Points Regarding Revisions to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act and Future Foreign Personnel Employment: Focusing on "Specified Skills" Qualifications"
"International Comparative Legal Guide to: Employment & Labour Law 2019 - Japan Chapter"
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"Points to Keep in Mind when Establishing and Considering Systems for Accepting Foreign Personnel in Light of the Revisions to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act"

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Jun Kimura:Publications

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"Legal Lecture for Practical Use (32): Sales Staff Management"
"Drone Business and Regulations"

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