Special Report: The MHM Fintech Platform


Every industry is turning to the Web as mobile and cloud computing continue to develop along with the technological progression of “big data” analysis, which contributes significantly to the expansion and development of the FinTech ecosystem.  No longer confined to mere migrations of offline content, the Web is now home to native, enhanced services for customers who could not be offered such services in the recent past.  We at MHM saw early on how this phenomenon would dramatically transform the financial services industry as an informational industry, and have contributed to legislation and actively developed our practice on a forward-looking basis.  By tapping into our vast expertise gained by working side-by-side with market leaders to pioneer new markets, we are delighted to offer our clients yet another value-added service in the form of our latest project—the MHM FinTech Platform.

About the MHM FinTech Platform Project

At MHM, we believe that collaboration within new industries among existing businesses is essential to the overall progression and development of FinTech where single-channel, top-down business models are being replaced by multilayered, data-driven ecosystem business models suited to fostering cooperation among the multitude of key industry players.  Accordingly, the MHM FinTech Platform works by supporting the creation of new services by new industries while making them compatible with the resources of existing businesses.

Using the firm’s years of experience advising on start-ups, as well as its wealth of legal expertise in the fields of finance, dispute resolution, IT, investment funds, and M&A, the goal of the project is to establish a platform upon which the firm can support the development and advancement of the FinTech ecosystem on a legal and transactional basis.  We believe this project will certainly enable the firm to better support start-ups, financial institutions and other FinTech players with their enterprise strategies.

MHM Services for the FinTech Community

  • Consultation on reforming essential systems and eliminating uncertainty to promote innovation
  • Development of cooperative “sandbox” strategies, corporate ventures, strategic investments and acquisitions to further cultivate “open innovation”
  • Support for compliance, internal controls and innovating organizational structures in partnering with FinTech enterprises
  • Support for non-financial enterprises that require legal resources to manage financial regulations and compliance
  • Obtaining necessary financial licenses, and offering audit capabilities to maintain those qualifications
  • Real-time support for crisis management and handling of inspections
  • Providing the latest information on the fast-paced FinTech industry
  • Support for strategic overseas business expansion by closely liaising with MHM’s offices across Asia


*Please note: Information is current as of the time of disclosure.