February 16, 2007 Firm News

Our firm held the MHM seminar and hosted a reception afterward

Mori Hamada & Matsumoto held a seminar mainly about points to keep in mind in establishing the internal control system and problems of intellectual property management in the restructuring, and hosted a reception afterward at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo on February 16, 2007. We would like to express our sincere thanks to over 1,000 guests that took part in the seminar and reception.

Seminar Topics

Part I: "Points to Keep in Mind in Establishing the Internal Control System: Based on the Practice Standards Proposed by the Business Accounting Council"

Panel Discussion

Panelists  Seno Tezuka (Executive Board, The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants)
Shuya Nomura (Professor, Chuo University Law School)
Katsumasa Suzuki (MHM associate)
Moderator  Hideki Matsui (MHM partner)

Part II: "Points to Keep in Mind in the Intellectual Property Management in the Corporate Restructuring"

Panel Discussion

Panelists  Junichi Umehara (President & CEO, IP Trading Japan Co., Ltd.)
Kaoru Kamata (Professor at the Waseda University, Law School, and MHM special counsel)
Takuya Iizuka (MHM partner)
Yoshifumi Onodera (MHM associate)
Moderator  Yumiko Waseda (MHM partner)