June 18, 2024 Notice

Important Notice: Beware of fraud involving misrepresentation of the firm or impersonation of the firm's lawyers or staff

We have become aware of websites fraudulently using the name of the firm and advertising that they will provide advice to victims of fraudulent online dating services and the like. The firm is not involved in any such websites. Please refrain from contacting any contact person indicated on those websites.

We have also become aware of instances of individuals making phone calls and sending emails, fraudulently using the names of the firm's lawyers, to the effect that the recipient is entitled to receive compensation for losses. The firm is not involved in any of these instances.

If you receive any unexpected contact from a person who claims to represent Mori Hamada & Matsumoto or claims to be one of the firm's lawyers or staff members, please refrain from offering any prompt response, and adequately verify the identification of that person. Also, please contact the firm using the following contact details to share that information with us. Your assistance is appreciated.

Please note that our lawyers will never tell you not to contact other lawyers, secretaries, staff members, or offices of the firm about a matter with regard to which we have contacted you.
Please be advised that any such communication is basically an act of fraud.

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