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Regulatory support and ongoing assistance for the development of cryptoassets and digital tokens, services involving blockchain technology and cryptoasset exchanges, including broad support for the building and operation of platforms

Market Developments

A feature of blockchain technology (distributed ledger technology) is its ability to enable secure, low-cost global management and trading of data without the need for a “reliable third party,” such as a bank or government.

The use of blockchain technology is spread across a wide array of financial fields, including: artwork traceability, electric power, etc.; small-lot investments in real estate; development of novel financial instruments; fund-raising by regional governing bodies aimed at economic revitalization; and other areas requiring settlement of funds using digital currencies such as fan-targeting businesses and game content and the use of blockchain in security tokens.

The use of blockchain technology has made possible a diverse range of products and services featuring dynamic innovation which makes comprehension of the complex array of relevant laws, regulations and rules difficult if viewed only through the perspective of the pre-existing framework.

Our Services

The firm has supported numerous blockchain-related projects going back to the inception of the technology. We have also been involved in the development of new regulatory frameworks geared to the new economic realities generated by blockchain technology. Our experts are well-versed in the legal, technological and business aspects of the field and support blockchain-driven services. We offer support for the following: compliance with applicable legal frameworks; administrative support for licenses, permits and registrations; compliance and internal control frameworks; and the drafting and review of terms of use and other contract-related documentation.

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Publication of draft amendment to money laundering regulations

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Public Service
Masakazu Masujima became a member of Public-Private Group for Promoting Blockchain, Cabinet Secretariat
Public Service
Masakazu Masujima became the member of Study Group on Blockchain Legislation, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Public Service
Masakazu Masujima became the member of the "Blockchain Study Group," Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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Jan. 31, 2018External Seminars
"Blockchain and its Application to IP Management"

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Magazine Article
"Legal Issues and Practice of Cryptocurrency"
"Cryptoassets Law"
"Future Report on Digital Finance 2020"
Book Article
"A Practical Explanation of the Payment Services Act (4th Edition)"
"Economics of FinTech"

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