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Related Practice Areas Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property
Language Japanese
Publication COPYRIGHT
No. 573
Date of Publication January 2009

Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property:Publications

Magazine Article
"The Financial Technology Law Review Fifth Edition - Japan Chapter"
Magazine Article
"Latest Practical Issues and Challenges for Protection of Personal Data (Part 6): Regulation of Cross-Border Data Transfers (2)"
Magazine Article
"Legal Issues Regarding NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)"
Magazine Article
"NFT Laws (Basic) - Expanding to Art, Sports, and Other Fields"
"Onetrust Dataguidance Data Protection Leader - Japan: Overview of amended APPI"

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Hiroki Saito:Publications

Magazine Transcript
"Development, Limits, and Future Outlook of the Theory of Principal Infringers"
Book Article
"Legal Practice Concerning Use of Information Content"
Book Other
"Legal Frontier in AI, IoT and Big Data"
Book Article
"Lecture on Modern Contract Law: Detailed Discussion Part 2"
Magazine Article
"Temporary Storage and Reproduction Rights ("STAR digio" Case)"

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