"Chambers Global Practice Guides Employment 2020 - Japan Trends and Developments"


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Language English
Publication Chambers Global Practice Guides Employment 2020
Date of Publication September 8, 2020
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Labor Law:Publications

"Legal Issues Concerning Telework (Working Hours Management and Security) In Light of Increasing Cases of Teleworking Due to the Spread of COVID-19"
"Working-Style Reform in a Society Living “With Corona” – Overseas Trends and Implications for Japan (Part 1)"
Book Other
"Q&A Series on Labor Law Practice: Working Hours, Holidays, and Leave"
Magazine Article
"Basic Knowledge on Acceptance of and Q&A on Employment of Foreign Workers"
"Lawyer's Selection: Important Court Decisions on Labor - Vol. 247: Iasis Case (Employment Status under the Labor Standards Act of a Store Worker Working Under a Contracting Agreement)"

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Chisako Takaya:Publications

Book Article
"M&A Legislation in Emerging Asian Countries - Third edition"
Book Other
"Legal Advice on Confidentiality, Non-Competition, and Headhunting (2nd Edition)"
Book Article
"Lawyers' Guide to the Most Comprehensible Collection of Court Decisions on Labour"
"2018 Handbook for Labor Cases"
Magazine Other
"Lawyers Guide Labor/Tax edition"

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Fumiko Hama:Publications

"The International Comparative Legal Guide - Shipping Law 2020 - Japan Chapter"
Book Article
"Theories, Practices and Forms of Voluntary Liquidation - Shift to Legal Liquidation, From Labor to Registration and Tax Affairs -"
"Insolvency Laws (vol. 1 and 2) [2nd ed.]"
"Legal Practice of Corporate Revitalization (2nd Edition)"
"Insolvency Laws (vol. 1 and 2)"

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