Magazine Article
"Possibility of Becoming a Catalyst for Corporate Reorganization"


Related Practice Areas Regulatory/Regulated Transactions
Language Japanese
Publication Monthly Kinyu Journal
Vol.62 No.3
Date of Publication March 1, 2021
Link The Japan Financial News Co., Ltd.

Regulatory/Regulated Transactions:Publications

Magazine Article
"Considerations Regarding Insider Trading - In Light of Recent Trends"
"Global rules on foreign direct investment - Japan Chapter"
"Getting the Deal Through - Healthcare M&A 2021 - Japan Chapter"
"The Financial Technology Law Review Fourth Edition - Japan Chapter"
Magazine Panel Discussion
"Special Feature: Japanese Financial Platformer (Interview) - Regulations on Platforms and Future of Financial Businesses"

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Shuya Nomura:Publications

Book Article
"Revision of the Companies Act of 2019 - Process and Key Points"
Magazine Article
"Governance for Universities from the Perspective of the Companies Act"
Magazine Panel Discussion
"The 2019 Amendments to the Companies Act"
Panel Discussion
"Aiming to be a True Expert Capable of Handling Diverse Circumstances"
"Independent Investigation Commission on the Japanese Government’s Response to COVID-19: Report on Best Practices and Lessons Learned"

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