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"Leniency and Global Coordination in Cartel Enforcement"

Seminar Outline

Date/Time November 21, 2014 (Fri)  
Speakers Aruto Kagami
Place Kim & Chang
Host Slaughter & May/Kim & Chang
Related Practice Areas Competition/Antitrust Disputes/Dispute Resolution


Sep. 29, 2022External Seminars
『17th East Asia Top Officials’ Meeting on Competition Policy and 14th East Asia Conference on Competition Policy "The Effect of Sustainability Regulations on Competition Policy"』
Aug. 3, 2022 - Aug. 3, 2023External Seminars
『The Institute of Competition Law of Renmin University of China, LexisNexis and AnJie "The Present and Future of Antitrust Law in East Asia - Japan: Latest Developments"』
Jul. 28, 2022External Seminars
『USC Gould School of Law Center "New Developments for Antitrust Enforcement in Asia and the EU - Japan: Overview of Highlights and Key Points for "Coordinating and Strengthening Advocacy and Enforcement"』
Sep. 15, 2021External Seminars
"Best Friends Competition Academy, "Revising the Assessment of Anti-Competitive Agreements in the Growing Digital Landscape""
Aug. 26, 2021External Seminars
”Cartel regulation in the Asia-Pacific region"

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Disputes/Dispute Resolution:Seminars

Oct. 20, 2022External Seminars
『PROTECTING YOUR COMPANY'S IP: Risk-Management Strategies and Best Practice』
Jul. 10, 2019External Seminars
"Trade Secret Protection – Legislation, Practice, and Enforcement"
Jun. 5, 2019External Seminars
Daini Tokyo Bar Association: Basic General Training, "Overview of Japanese Plea Bargaining and Practical Issues for Lawyer" (only for members)
Apr. 1, 2019External Seminars
The 3887th Finance Facsimile News Seminar "Concrete Measures to Prevent and Detect Frauds / Wrongdoings by Employees"
Oct. 26, 2017MHM Seminars
"Trade Secrets Protection in the United States / New Federal Statute (DTSA) and Practical Response from the Perspective of Japanese Companies"

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