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"Disrupted industries – the example of the automotive industry, Part of the Virtual Entrepreneurship Conference"

Seminar Outline

Date/Time May 20, 2020 (Wed)  21:00~22:00 (JST)・13:00~14:00 (BST)
Speakers Norihito Sato
Place Webinar
Host International Bar Association
Related Practice Areas Regulatory/Regulated Transactions Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property

Regulatory/Regulated Transactions:Seminars

Mar. 29, 2022External Seminars
”IBA Japan Webinar: Economy and National Security: Update on the Economic Security Promotion Bill and its Impact on Business”
Mar. 22, 2022External Seminars
"Economy and National Security: Overview of the Economic Security Promotion Bill and Its Impact on Business"
Mar. 11, 2022 - Apr. 10, 2022MHM Open Seminars
(English Webinar) "Overview of Japan’s Economic Sanctions against Russia and Belarus"
Nov. 10, 2021External Seminars
"APAC Data2030 Summit "Agile Governance in the age of complexity and uncertainty""
Oct. 27, 2021External Seminars
"The Open Group 25th Anniversary Event – India"

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Information Technology, Life Sciences and Intellectual Property:Seminars

Apr. 7, 2022External Seminars
”Japan's legal approach to AI / data transactions"
Feb. 22, 2022External Seminars
”Japan APPI: Are You Ready for The Upcoming Amendments?”
Jan. 27, 2022External Seminars
"The startup guide to thriving in Hong Kong ecosystem"
Jan. 27, 2022External Seminars
Nov. 16, 2021 - Nov. 16, 2022External Seminars
"The Digital Transformation Journey: Japan - An Overview - Part 3 Discussion Around Challenges to Digital Transformation in Japan"

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Norihito Sato:Seminars

Feb. 16, 2022External Seminars
”Automated Driving System and the Law”
Aug. 28, 2020External Seminars
"Challenge of MONET Technologies and Legislative Developments Aimed at Carrying forward MaaS"
Jul. 15, 2020MHM Seminars
"Making European Investments a Long-Term Success:Post-merger integration amid COVID-19 – with a view on Germany"

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