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"Scaling for a hyper-digitalised government"

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Date/Time June 30, 2021 (Wed)  12:30~13:30(SGT 11:30~12:30)
Speakers Hiroki Habuka
Host GovInsider
Related Practice Areas Information Technology


Information Technology:Seminars

Nov. 11, 2021External Seminars
"Transaction Innovation Forum"
Sep. 9, 2021External Seminars
"The Japan DPO Association's 7th Seminar of the Study Group "How to Be Compliant With Advertising and Ad Tech (Cookie-Related) Regulations - Focusing on the Regulation of Personal Related Information under the Amended Act on Protection of Personal Information""
Sep. 7, 2021External Seminars
"Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Challenges"
Sep. 2, 2021External Seminars
"The amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information and its impact on digital marketing"
Aug. 20, 2021External Seminars
"Practical overview of the AI/Data Contract Guidelines"

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Hiroki Habuka:Seminars

Nov. 11, 2021External Seminars
"Transaction Innovation Forum"
Jun. 29, 2021External Seminars
"Kyoto-Vienna University Joint Lecture on IT Law"
Jun. 17, 2021External Seminars
"2021 RegTech Summit"
Jun. 8, 2021External Seminars
"Adaptive innovation: making responsive and agile practices sustainable in the public sector"
May 10, 2021 - May 12, 2021External Seminars
"3rd EU-Japan EPA Forum"

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