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"Viewpoints on Advertising Review and Practical Suggestions for Revisions - an Examination of Cases"


Related Practice Areas Consumer Law
Language Japanese
Publication Business Houmu
Vol.19 No.5
Date of Publication May 21, 2019
Link Chuokeizai-sha, Inc

Consumer Law:Publications

Magazine Article
"Latest Trends in Strengthening of Regulations and Enforcement Actions: Essential for In-house Counsels"
Magazine Article
"History of Corporate Legal Affairs and Business Related Legislation from January 1989 to April 2019 (the Heisei Era) - Issue 10: Establishment of and New Developments in Consumer Trading Laws"
Magazine Article
"[A Global Competition Review Special Report] Japan: E-Commerce"
Magazine Article
"(Special Feature: Ordinary Diet Sessions in 2018) Impact of Amended Acts: Consumer Contract Act - Establishment of New Provisions Regarding Unfair Solicitation and Unfair Provisions"
Magazine Article
"Trends in Enforcement of, and Means of Dealing with, the Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations Concerning Advertisements and Representations"

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Naoto Shimamura:Publications

"Chambers Global Practice Guides Data Protection & Cyber Security 2019 - Japan Chapter(2nd Edition)"
Book Article
"Fair Use Practices for Information and Content"
Magazine Article
"(i) Study on Systems for Utility Models and Simple Patents in ASEAN, (ii) Study on Systems for ISP Responsibilities for Online Distribution of Products that Infringe Intellectual Property Rights in ASEAN"

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