December 12, 2023 Notice

Next generation research AI "Watson & Holmes" is now available via MHM MY PAGE

MHM launched “MHM MY PAGE” as a portal site for the centralized collection and viewing of information on seminars, newsletters, publications, and public announcements from government agencies.

MHM is pleased to announce the open beta version of “Watson & Holmes” is now available via MHM MY PAGE for a one-week free trial. “Watson & Holmes” is a next generation research AI developed and offered by Legalscape, a business partner of MHM.

As we would like you to try the new functionalities, you can use “Watson & Holmes” to search and view over 2000 publications, agency guidelines and public comments with no restrictions for up to 7 days.

You can also continue to use the Light Edition of “Legalscape.” MHM MY PAGE users are able to search for and view news articles, as well as guidelines and public comments, etc. from government agencies, that are organized by practice area.

For more detailed information on the use of this service, please click here. We hope that many users will benefit from using this service.

We will continue striving to improve our services to serve the needs of our clients with the aim of becoming a “Firm of Choice.”