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METI’s Guidance Clarifying the Eligibility for Investment in Securities Tokens by an Investment Limited Partnership DownloadPDF
Japan Permits Digital Salary Payments (English) DownloadPDF
Fintech Newsletter - Publication of Cabinet Order and Cabinet Office Ordinance on the Revision of the Payment Services Act 2020 (English) DownloadPDF
New Regulations on Payment and Settlement and Cross-Sectional Financial Services Intermediaries (The Amendment of the Payment Services Act and the Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Instruments) (English) DownloadPDF
Update: Japanese HFT Regulations to Take Effect in April 2018 (English) DownloadPDF
The new High Frequency Trading (HFT) regulations introduced by the amendment to the law (English) DownloadPDF
Japanese Virtual Currency Regulations take effect in April 2017 (English) DownloadPDF
Publication of draft amendment to money laundering regulations (English) DownloadPDF
FAQ regarding Foreign Bank Agency Services (English) DownloadPDF