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Navigating the Second Amendment of the Electronic Information and Transaction Law: Key Insights and Considerations (English) DownloadPDF
SEOJK 19/2023: A Codification of Best Industry Practices and Industry Driven Guidelines to Strengthen Technical Aspects of P2P Lending Industry (English) DownloadPDF
Otoritas Jasa Keuangan issues the Carbon Exchange Rule to Combat Climate Crisis (English) DownloadPDF
Navigating the Draft Implementing Regulation of the Indonesian PDP Law: Key Insights and Considerations (English) DownloadPDF
The Minister of Manpower Issues Guidelines on the Prevention and the Handling of Sexual Violence in the Workplace DownloadPDF
Indonesian Government Issues Regulation on Licensing and Investment Easements for Business Players in the New Capital City of Nusantara (English) DownloadPDF
KPPU Regulatory Update: New Regime of Merger Control Introduced (English) DownloadPDF
Overview on the changes set out under the new job creation law (English) DownloadPDF