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Amendments of the Civil Aeronautics Act to Introduce the New Rules Restricting UAVs (English) DownloadPDF
The Supreme Court ruled that the technical scope and subject matter of a product-by-process claim invention will cover the same products, even if the products are made by a different process from the claimed process (English) DownloadPDF
The IP High Court Denies Samsung’s Motion for Injunctive Relief but Allows Samsung’s Claim for Damages against Apple for Its UMTS Standards-Essential Patent Infringement for an Amount Equivalent to the Royalty (English) DownloadPDF
IP High Court Calls for Amicus Curiae Brief for the First Time Ever, for the Issue of Injunctions and Damages in the Case of Infringement of Standard Essential Patent with FRAND Declaration (English) DownloadPDF
Tokyo District Court Declared That Samsung May Not Claim Damages against Apple for Infringement of Its UTMS Essential Patent under the Theory of Abuse of Rights – FRAND Declaration Establishes the Duty for Sincere Negotiation (English) DownloadPDF