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Vietnam's Commitment to Data Protection Intensifies with New Draft Decree on Administrative Sanctions (English) DownloadPDF
Distributing Medical Devices in Vietnam (English) DownloadPDF
Notable Changes in the New Land Law and Implications (English) DownloadPDF
Vietnam's Power Development Plan VIII Approved (English) DownloadPDF
Circular 12 of the State Bank of Vietnam on foreign exchange controls over borrowing and repaying foreign loans (English) DownloadPDF
Major updates regarding renewable energy projects in Vietnam (English) DownloadPDF
Circular of the State Bank of Vietnam on the Conditions Applicable to Enterprises’ Foreign Loans not Guaranteed by the Government (English) DownloadPDF
Amendment of the Caps on Overtime in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic (English) DownloadPDF
Draft Decision of the Prime Minister on the Procedure for Approval of Overseas Loans and Guarantees Provided by Vietnamese Economic Entities to Offshore Companies (English) DownloadPDF
Decree No.06/2022/ND-CP on Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Protection of Ozone Layer (English) DownloadPDF
Major Recent Changes to the Laws Applicable to Real Estate Businesses (English) DownloadPDF
The Pilot Program on The Direct Power Purchase Agreement Mechanism (English) DownloadPDF
Draft Circular on Foreign Exchange Controls over Borrowing and Repaying Offshore Loans (English) DownloadPDF
Draft Law on Insurance Business (English) DownloadPDF
National List of Projects being Promoted for Foreign Investment for the Period of 2021-2025 (English) DownloadPDF
New Draft of the Power Development Master Plan VIII (English) DownloadPDF
Major Developments in the Legal Framework for Solar and Wind Power Projects (English) DownloadPDF
Amended Decree on E-commerce (English) DownloadPDF
Decree 155 Guiding Securities Law 2019 (English) DownloadPDF