Shareholder Relations

Assistance with all matters relating to shareholder relations, from proxy battles to investor relations

We have a strong record of achievement in providing assistance with issues relating to the shareholders meetings of the largest listed companies as well as those of start-up companies. Our experiences include handling meetings involving proxy fights for control of companies. We also have expertise in assisting companies in the area of investor relations and with their communications with shareholders and investors in general.

Shareholder Relations:People

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Shareholder Relations:Publications

"Chambers Global Practice Guides Shareholders' Rights and Shareholder Activism 2020 - Japan Chapter"
Magazine Panel Discussion
"Round-Table Talk: Views on the Amended Companies Act of 2019"
Magazine Article
"Review of Issues in Ordinary General Meetings of Shareholders in June 2020 (Impacts of the Spread of COVID-19)"
Magazine Article
"Review of Issues in General Meetings of Shareholders in June 2020 in the COVID-19 Pandemic"
Magazine Article
"Major Laws Passed at the 201st Ordinary Session of the Diet and their Effect on Business Practice"

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