Incidents Related to Consumer Products

Defects and other incidents related to food and other consumer products must be dealt with promptly and appropriately due to the potential threat to consumer health and safety and the likelihood of widespread media attention. We provide effective assistance in handling these situations, including dealing with consumers; conducting internal investigations; filing reports and notifications with administrative agencies as required under laws and regulations; handling disputes; assisting with public announcements; and dealing with recalls.

There are a number of examples where the mishandling of the initial corporate response to incidents involving defective products and similar issues has led to serious management crises. If this type of incident is not handled properly from the outset, there is an increased risk of both administrative and legal liability, including revocation of permits and licenses and claims for damages, which may in turn lead to other serious consequences, such as flagging sales due to consumer boycotts, declines in stock prices, and deterioration in relationships with trading partners. The rise of social media now means that information spreads at an alarming speed, exacerbating damage to reputation.

The ability of a company to minimize these risks depends on its ability to take appropriate measures as quickly as possible; to recover relationships of trust with consumers; and to prevent the spread of incorrect information immediately after occurrence. Our firm provides full legal support in minimizing these risks.

We have a long track record in representing manufacturers in product-liability lawsuits and other disputes and achieving favorable outcomes. Not only do we support clients in disputes involving consumers and trading partners, we advise them in all phases of their business operations, from the development, design, and manufacture of products to the execution of transaction agreements and post-sales services, all with a view to preventing disputes arising from product safety and product liability issues.

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