Intellectual Property Disputes

A wide range of legal services in the fields of technology, entertainment, and media, including Japanese and cross-border transactions and disputes

Intellectual Property Litigation - Japan

We have significant experience handling infringement cases regarding patents, trademarks, design rights, and copyrights, as well as litigation involving patent invalidation claims and employee inventions in Japan. With flexible team organization, we work on a wide range of large and small cases, in areas as diverse as electronics, optical equipment, semiconductors, telecommunications, information technology, pharmaceuticals, biological and life sciences, healthcare, and consumer goods.

Intellectual Property Litigation - Worldwide

With the globalization of corporate business activities, intellectual property disputes are often international in nature. Drawing on their experience in intellectual property litigation in Japan and knowledge and know-how obtained from training abroad, our lawyers are frequently involved in complex, multi-jurisdictional proceedings, working closely with other international law firms, with a view to achieving the best possible result for our client. With our overseas offices across Asia and our relationships with law firms around the world, we are well placed to handle the growing number of intellectual property disputes in Asia and the rest of the world. We have also been involved in cases brought before the International Court of Arbitration and other international bodies.

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Top rankings received in The Nikkei's "Corporate Legal Affairs and Lawyer Survey 2017"

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Intellectual Property Disputes:Seminars

Oct. 26, 2017MHM Seminars
"Trade Secrets Protection in the United States / New Federal Statute (DTSA) and Practical Response from the Perspective of Japanese Companies"
Sep. 14, 2017MHM Seminars
"Current Trends of Patent Infringement Litigation"
Aug. 24, 2017MHM Seminars
”Current Trends of Patent Infringement Litigation”
Apr. 14, 2014MHM Seminars
"Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights"

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Intellectual Property Disputes:Publications

Magazine Article
"IP Case Bulletin: Copyrightability of Applied Arts (Octopus-Shaped Slide Case) - Tokyo District Court Decision of April 28, 2021"
Book Article
"Series on Practical Issues of Corporate Litigation: Patent Infringement Litigation [2nd ed.]"
Magazine Other
"Prescriptions for Difficult Contracts - A Reliable Guide from the Basics"
"Legal Advice on Design Law II"
"Dangers of retweeting"

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