Regulatory/Regulated Transactions

Supporting clients in their compliance with complex regulatory regimes

Seasoned advice in the area of financial regulation and communications with regulatory authorities

World-class solutions for life and non-life global insurance businesses

Leading-edge legal support for the increasingly complex and globalized field of payment transactions

High-value assets require well-regarded lawyers with extensive transaction experience

Tourism and business relevant to inbound are quite active in recent Japan because of government-wide policies and 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. At the same time, more and more clients need legal advice for specific matters in accordance with the introduction of new laws and regulations such as Private Accommodation Business Act and Travel Agency Law.

Professional and detailed advice in the area of social activities and businesses related to culture and the arts

A full service firm with practice areas crucial for matters relating to consumer law, including general corporate, dispute avoidance and resolution, and regulatory compliance

We provide one-stop services based on the latest knowledge in the automotive, aviation and maritime areas, where technological innovation is advancing.

Providing professional and detailed legal support telecommunications and radio wave-related industries

Regulatory/Regulated Transactions:People

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Regulatory/Regulated Transactions:Newsletters

Japan Places New Restrictions on Exports of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Japan Permits Digital Salary Payments
New Exemptions to Attract Foreign Investment Managers
Lowering the Entry Barrier for Foreign Asset Management Firms: Introduction of the “Financial Market Entry Office”
Fintech Newsletter - Publication of Cabinet Order and Cabinet Office Ordinance on the Revision of the Payment Services Act 2020

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Regulatory/Regulated Transactions:News

Norihito Sato appears on page 2 of "Tokyo Transportation News" in an article titled "Commentary on Level 4 Autonomous Driving (2): Advent of Level 4 and Current Status and Future Outlook of Legal Framework"
Top Rankings received from asialaw 2023-24
Norihito Sato appears on page 3 of "Tokyo Transportation News" in an article titled "Commentary on Level 4 Autonomous Driving (1): Advent of Level 4 and Current Status and Future Outlook of Legal Framework"
Comments by Norihito Sato are published on a local economy page of the Nikkei in an article titled "Kubota to Launch Unmanned Combines - Successful Alliance with NVIDIA to Ensure Safety Using AI Cameras"
Firm receives awards at ALB Japan Law Awards 2023

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Regulatory/Regulated Transactions:Seminars

Apr. 28, 2023MHM Open Seminars
(Live-Streaming Webinar in English) “MHM Seminar: Expansion of designated businesses in Japanese FDI regulations and the latest trend of FDI screening inviting METI Officials”
Mar. 30, 2023External Seminars
"4th Asia-based International Financial Law Conference 'Session two: Fintech’s impact on Asian financial markets I: the regulatory and legislative developments in STO and digital exchanges' "
Mar. 29, 2023 - Mar. 31, 2023External Seminars
"4th Asia-based International Financial Law Conference"
Nov. 3, 2022External Seminars
"Policy Trend and Current Discussion on Metaverse in Japan"
Sep. 6, 2022External Seminars
"The updates of Economic Security Promotion Act and the coming policies for Economic Security"

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Regulatory/Regulated Transactions:Publications

"Cryptoassets Law (2nd ed.)"
"Introduction to Generative AI Law"
"Getting the Deal Through - Drone Regulation 2024 - Japan Chapter"
Magazine Article
"Q&A on Legal Issues Concerning Generative AI: Explanation of the Basics, Mechanisms, Usefulness, and Limitations"
Magazine Article
"Enemy or Ally? - Prepare for Workplace Reforms due to "Generative AI""

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