Public Service

Many lawyers at the firm make extensive contributions to society and perform public service activities in addition to their general legal services.

Lawyers at the firm actively participate in bar association activities and serve as court appointed defense counsel. The firm has also turned out numerous lawyers who have served in noted positions with bar associations. In addition, the firm enthusiastically participates in training lawyers for assignment to legal aid organizations.

Many lawyers at the firm serve in internships at governmental offices or serve as members of various councils, research groups and advisory panels to participate in planning policies and drafting bills.

A number of lawyers from the firm are currently teaching at law schools and other educational institutions. In addition, the firm actively provides training initiatives for up-and-coming legal professionals, taking on legal apprentices and interns.

Lawyers at the firm are also involved in international pro bono activities, including participation in international groups such as the IPBA and IBA and devoting time to legal development projects in developing countries.

The firm actively participates in pro bono projects, including legal education projects and refugee assistance activities, mainly through team-based endeavors undertaken by our younger lawyers.