Consumer Disputes

Experience in advising on consumer disputes, including those involving prominent consumer organizations

Consumer disputes are as diverse as the numerous laws that govern them and represent a real threat to a company’s reputation. With years of experience and a very wide client base both in Japan and overseas, we are a leading firm to advise clients in addressing, managing, avoiding, and minimizing consumer disputes. Our broad range of practice areas ensures that we always have access to assistance from lawyers with experience across a variety of industries, sectors, and product and service areas.

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Consumer Disputes:Publications

"Q&A Regarding Actual Practices in Claim Management and Collection Under the New Law of Obligations"
Magazine Article
"Legal Issues associated with Termination of Continuous Service Agreements with Consumers"
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"Recent Trends in Trade Secret Protection such as Partial Amendments to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act"
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"Negotiating with consumers after a dispute"
Book Article
"Corporate Legal Practices Regarding Responding to Product Accidents and Corporate Scandals - Concrete Measures that Ensure Safety and Provide Reassurance from Actual Case Samples"

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