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Whistleblowing systems are a crucial first step enabling companies to take independent and proactive measures in cases of misconduct or wrongdoing through early detection. Based on our abundant experience with domestic and global whistleblowing systems, we advise clients on all aspects of corporate whistleblowing, from the establishment of systems to the appropriate handling of cases when reports are actually made.

An increasing number of cases of corporate misconduct or wrongdoing are either discovered through whistleblowing reports or are subsequently identified in investigation reports to have been caused, in part, by the inadequate functioning of whistleblowing systems. Therefore, appropriate development and effective operation of whistleblowing systems has great significance in the development of corporate compliance structures.

At the same time, corporations often find it difficult to design effective whistleblowing systems, or find that employees do not sufficiently trust the systems that have been put in place. In addition, the establishment and operation of global whistleblowing systems require specialized knowledge and experience, including expertise in cross-border information transfers and cross-border investigations (when a matter is actually reported).

We often advise clients on the development and enhancement of domestic and global whistleblowing systems and our lawyers have abundant experience serving as an external contact point for reports of corporate misconduct. We also provide robust support in handling of investigations triggered by whistleblowing systems.

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Whistleblowing, etc.:Seminars

Dec. 13, 2023External Seminars
"Initial Responses When Fraud and Misconduct are Discovered: Skills and Knowledge that Should be Possessed as a Person in Charge of Legal Affairs and Compliance"
Nov. 6, 2023External Seminars
"Corporate Strategy Seminar (4th Seminar of 2023) - Trends in and Key Points of Recent Fraud and Misconduct Cases"
Aug. 25, 2023 - Dec. 19, 2023External Seminars
"Fifth Term Secretariat Study Session on Board of Directors Management (5 sessions in total)"
Jul. 26, 2023 - Aug. 21, 2023External Seminars
"Third Training Seminar for New Board of Directors Secretariat Staff (3 sessions)"
Jul. 24, 2023 - Sep. 7, 2023External Seminars
"Officers’ Meeting regarding Board of Directors Management (3 meetings in total)"

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Whistleblowing, etc.:Publications

"Practical Manual for Responding to Product Accidents and Corporate Scandals - From Preventive Measures and Initial Responses to Restoring Reliability Based on Actual Case Samples"
Magazine Article
"Have You Taken All Possible Measures to Respond to the Amended Act? Key Points for Reviewing Your Whistleblowing System and its Operation"
Magazine Article
"Approaches for Handling Employee Improprieties with an Eye Toward Pursuing Liability (Vol. 3): Improper Posts by Employees"

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