Accounting Fraud

Accounting fraud is a typical example of the type of risk that can lead to serious consequences for a company, including delisting. We have abundant experience in guiding a company through the treacherous path that may follow from discovery of accounting fraud.

Regardless of the type of business, any company may be faced with the risk of accounting fraud. Awareness of this risk is especially critical for a listed company; if a company cannot promptly conduct an investigation and submit statutory disclosure documentation by relevant deadlines, the company could be seriously affected and may even be delisted.

Compared with other types of misconduct and wrongdoing, the types of investigations and measures that need to be performed by a company in cases of accounting fraud are complicated and require speed. The experience of specialists who conduct and assist investigations or serve as company advisors is tested in each unique phase of dealing with accounting fraud, which includes consultations with the auditor regarding the scope and method of investigation, applications for extending deadlines for submitting disclosure documentation to the regulators, and responding to stock exchanges regarding disclosure.

Our firm has lawyers with an accounting background and extensive experience handling accounting fraud cases, as well as lawyers who have worked at the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission, so we are able to provide comprehensive support from various perspectives from the early stages of initial responses through the later stages involving specific investigation activities, preparing investigation reports, and communicating with relevant authorities and stock exchanges.

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