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We provide comprehensive legal services underpinned by specialized knowledge and experience in the areas of cyber security and data privacy.

Organized cyber attacks targeting companies have become a serious risk, with incidents causing significant damage occurring more and more frequently.

In these circumstances, ensuring cyber security and data privacy is now regarded one of a company’s corporate social responsibilities. In addition to monetary liability, a company’s reputation can suffer significantly as a result of its failure to prevent leakage of customer information and other personal information due to inadequate cyber security measures or an insufficient response after the occurrence of an incident. With the ongoing development of the “Internet of Things,” all manner of goods are increasingly connected to the Internet, inevitably increasing the risk of cyber attacks. Thus, cyber security measures will become ever more important. Effective implementation of cyber security measures and protection of data privacy require not only support from security vendors, but also monitoring from a legal perspective.

Our experienced lawyers provide comprehensive legal services in the areas of cyber security and data privacy, both in day-to-day operations and in times of crisis.

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"What Cybersecurity Measures are Required to Protect Core Infrastructure Under the Economic Security Bill?"

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