Dealing with Relevant Authorities

The failure to communicate effectively with relevant authorities (domestic or foreign) may lead to serious issues that can threaten the existence of a company. We provide full legal support in communications with relevant authorities in matters that may pose an existential threat to a company.

The failure to deal effectively with inquiries or investigations conducted by relevant authorities may cause serious problems that can affect the company’s very existence.

In Japan, the manner of response to governmental or regulatory bodies is becoming increasingly important due to revisions in various business laws and a growing focus on compliance. High-level expertise, knowledge, and reliable experience related to laws, regulations, and procedures is essential when dealing with Japanese authorities.

Failure to respond appropriately to inquiries and investigations by the relevant authority in any jurisdiction may have serious implications for a company, including both monetary fines and criminal penalties, and even imprisonment, being imposed on officers and employees. In addition, cases of corporate wrongdoing often affect multiple countries and regions, which calls for a globally consistent strategy in dealing with authorities.

Our lawyers possess the specialized knowledge and extensive experience required to provide full legal support in responding to and negotiating with relevant authorities, including conducting necessary investigations. Where appropriate, we utilize our firm’s global network, including our overseas offices and relationships with local law firms in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, North America and emerging countries.

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Japan Places New Restrictions on Exports of Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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Nov. 28, 2023External Seminars
“Trends in Global Enforcement and Expectations for Compliance Programs”

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