Global Compliance

We have extensive expertise and experience assisting our clients in establishing multi-jurisdictional compliance structures and handling corporate crises wherever they may arise, both of which have become increasingly important with the rise of globalization.

As many companies now operate across multiple jurisdictions, compliance issues have become global in nature. Cases of misconduct in any jurisdiction where a company operates can have serious consequences, including the imposition of large fines and other sanctions, as well as criminal penalties against officers and employees. As a result, companies need to have in place structures that will enable them to obtain and ascertain relevant information and appropriately handle issues in a timely manner when any case of misconduct occurs in any location.

Our lawyers possess a high level of expertise and reliable experience in this area and provide robust legal support for corporate compliance on a global basis, including the establishment, operation, and verification of global compliance structures, as well as handling cases of wrongdoing when they arise.

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