Harassment in the workplace is a compliance issue that affects nearly every company, and it is essential not only to develop effective preventive measures but also to handle incidents promptly and appropriately when they occur. We assist clients in formulating preventive compliance structures and also in dealing with all types of harassment situations when they arise.

Incidents of harassment, including sexual harassment, in the workplace require prompt and appropriate measures that are tailored to the circumstances of each case. If these issues are not handled properly, legal disputes may develop that have a materially adverse impact on corporate reputation.

With globalization, incidents of harassment are likely to arise in a company’s overseas operations. Handling overseas harassment issues requires expertise, knowledge, and experience that differ from those required for harassment cases in the home jurisdiction because of the differences in legal systems, cultures, and other factors.

We have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with harassment issues, from advising on preventive measures, to handling investigations and other issues when harassment incidents occur.


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