Litigation related to Corporate Misconduct

With extensive expertise and experience in dispute resolution and litigation, we are well equipped to assist clients when incidents of corporate misconduct arise. We anticipate the possibility of litigation while seeking to avoid it where possible, and we are prepared to protect the legal interests of our clients when cases actually proceed to litigation.

It is not uncommon for incidents of corporate wrongdoing to result in litigation or other proceedings in which shareholders, investors, employees, consumers, or other stakeholders pursue damages against the corporation or its officers and employees. For this reason, it is important for companies to handle incidents of wrongdoing taking into consideration the possibility of litigation from the time of occurrence.

Our firm is well established as a leader in commercial litigation, and we have handled a number of high-profile litigations that were triggered by serious incidents of corporate wrongdoing. We are able to advise clients from the earliest stages of a crisis situation, taking into consideration the possibility that litigation may be initiated in the future while also seeking to avoid it where possible, and fully protecting the legal interests of our client if the case proceeds to litigation.

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