Organized Crime (“Anti-social Forces”)

We have abundant experience in assisting clients in avoiding problems that can be caused by organized crime groups or other criminal or anti-social activity.

Companies must be vigilant in avoiding any kind of relationship with organized crime groups or other anti-social forces, as any such association would inevitably lead to a deterioration in corporate reputation among many other risks, including penalties from supervisory authorities, possible delisting, and loss of business with trading partners. Therefore, if a company becomes aware of the possible existence of any type of relationship with organized crime, it must confirm the facts of the matter and sever the relationship or take other necessary measures as quickly as possible. Also, if there is a possibility that a trading partner has a relationship with organized crime, it is necessary to consider canceling relevant agreements or taking other measures. However, it is not always easy to determine whether a trading partner is actually involved with organized crime, and if such issues are not handled properly, there can be adverse consequences, including being sued by the trading partner.

Based on our abundant experience in this area, including dealing with measures for “anti-social forces” and authorities and handling investigations, we provide robust legal support to handle crisis situations and also advise clients on adoption of preventive measures.

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