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The falsification of quality and other data has become an extremely serious issue, with a number of very high-profile cases in recent years. The products affected by a quality falsification issue are sometimes distributed globally, creating extremely difficult situations to handle. We strive to support our clients throughout the entire process in order to achieve a resolution as quickly as possible, from making determinations as to the suspension of shipments of potentially problematic products through explanations to customers about measures to prevent recurrence.

The falsification of data, particularly data concerning quality, is a constant cause for concern. This issue differs from other kinds of wrongdoing in that it directly damages the core business of the company affected. Products constitute the source of cash flow generation, and if their quality is falsified, loss of corporate credibility with customers is inevitable, which in turn can even threaten a company’s existence.

As global distribution of products is now common, issues impacting quality necessitate negotiations with regulatory authorities in multiple jurisdictions, usually in cooperation with multiple local law firms and experts.

We draw on years of accumulated expertise and experience handling data falsification cases, including many cross-border cases, in order to assist our clients in resolving very difficult situations in a satisfactory manner.

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