Administrative Disputes

Expedient and experienced advice in the increasingly complex and specialized area of administrative disputes

For any client considering challenging an action by a governmental agency, whether it is a cease and desist order, the imposition of fines, or the rejection of a permit, we are ready to advise clients on the best way to proceed and to assist clients in initiating the necessary action or procedure. We have comprehensive experience representing clients in handling administrative procedures in respect to, and consulting and negotiating with, local governments and Japanese governmental agencies regulating a variety of industries and business activities. We are also well-versed in dealing with administrative on-site inspections and report orders.

We maintain relationships with various Japanese national agencies, commissions, and councils by seconding our lawyers to and hiring practitioners from these governmental bodies, which enable us to offer advice from the client’s perspective while taking into account the relevant authority’s concerns.

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Book Article
"Handbook for the Commercial Litigation Settelement"
Magazine Article
"The Decision in the Administrative Hearing Process with Regard to the First Administrative Surcharge Payment Order Regarding Abuse of Superior Bargaining Position - "Sanyo-Marunaka Case""
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"Business Legal Affairs in Vietnam"
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"Q&A: Japanese Plea Bargaining System's Impact on Corporations"
"Japanese Plea Bargaining System for Legal Personnel - Preparations that Corporations Should Make Even During Uneventful Periods"

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