International Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution

Protecting our clients’ rights and interests in arbitration and mediation, both in Japan and overseas

Since our firm’s formation, we have been in the forefront of dispute resolution in Japan. Today, we continue to lead the Japanese dispute resolution practice both in court and in alternative dispute resolution.

Our alternative dispute resolution practice extends inside and outside Japan, as legal representatives of clients or arbitrators before the JCAA, the ICC, the SIAC, and other international arbitration institutions. Two of our lawyers are admitted to appear before the newly established Singapore International Commercial Court.

International Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution:People

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International Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution:Newsletters

MHM Asian Legal Insights Special Edition Vol.11 (September 2020)
Use of E-Signature in Singapore, Thailand and Japan
MHM Asian Legal Insights Special Edition Vol.10 (June 2020)
Use of Calderbank Offers in International Arbitration A strategic tool to save costs
MHM Asian Legal Insights Special Edition Vol.9 (May 2020)
The Singapore Convention on Mediation: how will it change the landscape of international commercial dispute resolution

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International Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution:News

Firm News
Firm holds an international arbitration training seminar hosted by the ICC
Top rankings received in The Nikkei's "Corporate Legal Affairs and Lawyer Survey 2017"

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International Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution:Seminars

Oct. 18, 2019MHM Seminars
"The Changing Landscape of International Dispute Resolution ~ the Impact of Third Party Funding"
Sep. 12, 2019External Seminars
Aug. 19, 2019External Seminars
Kobe SALAD 2019"Kobe University Summer School of Asian Law and Dispute Management"
Jun. 4, 2019External Seminars
『YSIAC-YJAA Tokyo Workshop 2019』
Sep. 7, 2018 - Sep. 8, 2018External Seminars
"SIAC Academy Tokyo 2018"

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International Arbitration/Alternative Dispute Resolution:Publications

"The Third Party Litigation Funding Law - Japan Chapter"
Magazine Article
"Utilization of the Hearing Facilities of Japan International Dispute Resolution Center (JIDRC)"
"International Comparative Legal Guide - Investor-State Arbitration 2021 - Japan Chapter"
Magazine Article
"The Continuing Evolution of Hong Kong International Arbitratio​n - Arrangement Concerning Court-Ordered Interim Measures and Future Prospects"
"The International Arbitration Review, 11th Edition - Japan Chapter"

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