Financial Services Intermediation

Legal support for clients seeking to leverage technological developments to expand the scope of their business, including expansion into the sale of financial products by companies that have not operated in the finance industry, as well as expansion of the types of financial products dealt with by finance firms

Market Developments

New regulations were adopted in June 2020 that reduced the regulatory burden of engaging in the business of intermediating financial transactions across a variety of finance sectors, such as banking, insurance and securities. It is now possible to obtain a single registration to conduct cross-sectional intermediation of financial services across all or some of these fields, and the obligation of intermediary business operators to be incorporated within financial institutions has also been eliminated.

In the future, businesses engaged in financial intermediation will be able to provide services in a variety of different financial sectors, such as banking, insurance and securities, as a one-stop solution, and it is anticipated that new participants will enter the market and that a new level of convenience in financial services will be realized.

Our Services

The firm has been engaged in many projects involving the intermediation of financial services in the banking, insurance and securities fields. We have a team of lawyers with specialist knowledge and abundant experience in these fields. Experts in each field provide cross-sectional support related to all tasks required to commence business, including preparation of registration applications, establishment of internal frameworks, including internal rules and manuals, and preparation and review of terms of use and other customer-related materials.

A variety of issues will arise after commencement of any new type of business. We possess a strong record solving and preventing problems related to financial services.

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