Health Care, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Sciences

Legal services tailored for the medical field, including pharmaceuticals and equipment manufacturers, bio-ventures, and medical institutions

Pharmaceutical Industry

We handle a wide range of matters in the pharmaceutical industry, including the manufacture and import of medical and pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, and investments in bio-ventures.

Our experience in this field includes mergers and acquisitions; strategic alliances in research, development, and distribution; intellectual property related transactions; pharmaceutical approvals; and financings. We have successfully handled important disputes relating to the termination of alliances and intellectual property rights, as well as crisis management unique to the pharmaceutical industry. Our practitioners are well-versed not only in the laws and regulations but also in the specific characteristics of the industry and its needs.

Medical Corporations and Institutions

Mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructurings involving medical corporations, which have become increasingly active in recent years, must take into account a complex set of laws, regulations, judicial precedents, and governmental notices and notifications, such as the Medical Care Act and corporate governance regulations. We are experienced in advising clients in this practice area and the relevant laws and regulations which undergo frequent revision by the authorities.

Pharmaceutical fraud is an issue that can pose a direct threat of mortal or physical danger to users of affected products. It therefore has a material impact on the public and can threaten the continuing existence of an affected company. We are able to support clients in dealing with all kinds of stakeholders based on our abundant experience and track record in handling cases of pharmaceutical fraud.

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