Environment and Climate Change

Survival often depends on the ability to adapt to a changing environment

Global Warming

We have an active environmental law practice and were involved very early in the various measures taken to address climate change, such as emissions trading. We have handled a number of leading projects in this field, such as carbon offsetting and the creation of emission trading related financial instruments. In addition, we actively support legislative efforts by government and public organizations through our participation in committees and investigative commissions. Recently, we advised in governmental deliberations regarding the creation of a bilateral credit offset mechanism. As issues involving electricity infrastructure reform and climate change become increasingly important, we continue to enhance our expertise in these areas by actively participating in government-led review committees and other groups.

Environmental Law

Changes in social awareness and continuing legislative amendments raise legal risks associated with environmental issues such as soil, air, and water contamination, and waste disposal. We have been actively involved in risk management in the area of environmental laws. Specifically, we provide a variety of research and advice on environmental laws in the creation of a company’s compliance program or business scheme, and in real estate and M&A transactions. We also have extensive experience in disputes involving environmental issues, particularly environmental disputes in real estate and M&A transactions.

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Energy & Infrastructure Bulletin
New Opportunity for Industrial Battery Storage Business in Japan – a brief overview

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Comments by Yusuke Takamiya were published on page 2 of the Nikkei in an article titled "Will SDGs be Exempted From the Application of Cartel Regulations? The Netherlands Releases Draft Guidelines on Application of Antimonopoly Law"
Public Service
The firm’s lawyers contributed to a recently released research report (on recent trends in competition environment and competition policies, etc.) sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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Sep. 29, 2022External Seminars
『17th East Asia Top Officials’ Meeting on Competition Policy and 14th East Asia Conference on Competition Policy "The Effect of Sustainability Regulations on Competition Policy"』

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Magazine Article
"Corporate Legal Affairs - Preparations for  Mandatory Sustainability Disclosures in Securities Reports"
Magazine Article
"Corporate Legal Affairs Frontier: Points to Note Regarding the Emissions Trading System"
Magazine Article
"Direction of Mandatory Sustainability Disclosure Indicated by the Report by the Working Group on Corporate Disclosure of the Financial System Council"
Magazine Article
"Summary of the Report by the Working Group on Corporate Disclosure and its Impact on Actual Practices"
Magazine Article
"Overview and Key Points of Environmental Value Trading Based on Considerations Regarding Corporate PPA"

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